15 Plus Countries continue to attend KAMS Charity Weekly Programs

Participants mention they wait for every Saturday and the scheduled time to join the Musical program.

KAMS Charity Family has grown into 15 plus contries that started from North America.

It is a blessing to hear the Children and Youth that stay connected with music on weekly basis and perform....

KAMS Charity Global Weekly Musical Program starts with the small children playing instruments or singing after which the adults continue to perform based on the theme. Every week new artists join this platform to showcase their talent to all the members of the KAMS Charity family.

There is no language in music

KAMS Charity makes an effort to introduce new singers from differnt parts of the world. That fulfills the objective of addressing the under served and under privileged artists who otherwise do not have a platform to perform in a live environment. KAMS encourages performers at every age to make sure they feel home and appreciated.

Artists perform in any language they are confirtable with while taking care of the audience and with right content.

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