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KAMS Charity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based at Boston, Massachusetts, USA that stands for “Kind Acts for Mankind through Selfless Service”. 


KAMS Charity vision is to empower under-served and under-privileged artists around the Globe. 

  • Promote unknown artists from around the globe on the KAMS Charity platform and extend financial help to the artists.

  • Help under-served children by providing them avenues and financial help to pursue their passion for learning an art form of their interest and promoting those kids Globally.

  • Promote dying art forms of India and help the struggling artists who are phenomenal performers in these art forms. 

  • Donate musical instruments to deserving and talented artists who due to financial hardships had to sell their instruments to put food on the table and support their family.  

  • KAMS Charity from the past one year has been providing a platform on a weekly basis (every Saturday) to music enthusiasts from local and Internal Communities and under-served children to join virtually and showcase their musical talent. KAMS vision is to help people struggling to cope with the lockdowns and Pandemic by providing music as a medium to de-stress, heal and cope with this new way of living.


KAMS Charity is made up of people who share the advocacy of compassion, are self-motivated positive minded individuals with a big heart. KAMS Charity is powered by personal and community donations. 


Upcoming Event (Geeta Govinda Virtual Global Musical Event - Watch Live Boston on August 29th at 8 PM India time/10.30 AM USA EDT) 

On the occasion of Sri Krishna Janmastami in 2021, KAMS Charity invites you to join this Geeta Govinda event that would include the performance of the songs composed by Pandit Sri Gopal Chandra Panda and famous artists that are trained under his lineage in its original Raga-Tala. KAMS Charity is making an effort to promote our culture and preserve our rich heritage and above all spread the glory of Radha and Krishna and the past times.

Guru Dr Gopal Chandra Panda is a Researcher, Vocalist and Composer and has composed 23 Geeta Govinda songs in 8 ragas. He will present a few of them in this program to describe the past times of Sri Radha and Krishna.

This virtual global musical event is going to be over zoom and Facebook on August 29th, 2021 at 10.30 AM USA Eastern/7.30 AM PST/ 8 PM India.

Objective of doing this event is many fold, to promote our heritage, preserve our culture, popularize Geeta Govinda written by Poet Jayadeva from 12th century.

Jayadeva is widely considered as one of the earliest musicians of Odissi music from the 12th century. Every night during the Badasinghara or the last ritual of the Jagannatha temple of Puri, the Geetagovinda of Jayadeva is sung, set to traditional Odissi ragas & talas. This tradition has continued unbroken since the time of Jayadeva, who himself used to sing in the temple. After the time of the poet, the singing of the Geeta Govinda according to the authentic Odissi ragas & talas was instated as a mandatory sevā at the temple, to be performed by the Maharis or Devadasis, systematically recorded in inscriptions, the Mādalā Pānji and other official documents that describe the functioning of the temple.


Past  Event:


KAMS Charity organized “Rang Barse” a Holi Special Global Virtual Musical and Performing Folk Art (“Pala”) event on March 20th at 10.00 AM Eastern | 7.00 AM Pacific | 7.30PM IST 

Facebook sensation, playback singers Sasmita-Sangram joined us Live on KAMS Charity page and entertained you to feet tapping Holi and Bollywood songs. The Pala which is a folk dying art form of Odisha, is based on mythological stories and is a combination of Literature, Spirituality, Culture and Music of Odissa. The Pala team  performed “Jaganathatatwamruta”, the mysteries and significance of Lord Jaganath temple at Puri, Odisha.

Pala (ପାଲା) is Odisha's heritage and a Folk Art form. Pala has musical performances with plays based on mythological stories and humorous incidents closely related to the culture of Odisha. The topic that will be presented by a troupe of six people will be “ଜଗନ୍ନାଥ ତତ୍ତ୍ବାମୃତ” (Jaganathatatwamruta”),  a devotional depiction dedicated to Lord Jagannatha. In recent days with Covid, the livelihood of such artists has been impacted by lockdown.  KAMS Charity is making an effort to help these artists by bringing this art form to all of you virtually so that other groups may give them a chance in future to host their shows virtual/live.


About Pala (for those who may not be aware)

Pala is a cultural heritage of Odisha, which is a combination of Literature, Spirituality, Culture and Music. Basically in Pala, Hindu myths are described by the “Gayak” with the help of all the Puranas, the Bhagabat Geeta and the Epics of ancient poets. The Pala team will  consist of 6 members, among which one member is the Gayak (head of the team) who will narrate the Story, and is supported by “Bayak”, who will play Mridanga (Instrument). The other four team members called "Palia" will assist the “Gayak” in singing and playing Jhanja (instrument).

By popular demand for the Musical segment, we brought to you Playback Singers Sasmita & Sangram who are quite a sensation on Facebook nowadays to entertain us with their mesmerizing voice with Bollywood and Ollywood songs/medleys specifically designed to celebrate the festival of Color, “Holi”. 

"We belive every artist should get a platform to promote themselves and deserves an opportunity to pursue their passion. There should be no struggling artists"

Our Mission

Our Mission

To support the under served and under privileged artists and provide them a platform to succeed.  

Our Vision

To support as many under served and under privileged artists by providing them an opportunity in a global platform. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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